The State – 2

Posted: April 1, 2013 in The State


Pay attention, class. A covalent bond is different from an ionic bond. You need to know this for the test. It is fundamental to your understanding of Chemistry and passing this class.” Edward jotted down a note as the bell ending class began to ring. “Make sure to study this weekend!” The teacher’s advice followed Edward out into the hall of Mission High School as he made his way to his locker to collect his things.

The throng of peers flowing around Edward carried him slowly along, ushering him forward on the current of their weekend fantasies; people jostling him aside to escape their educational confines for a sweet two-day respite from their teachers and from learning.

Edward debarked from the throng at his locker and began to load books into his bag. He remembered to pack chemistry along in next to his notes for trig. Shutting the door to his locker, Edward turned and began to make his way down the hallway of the school and out into the glorious freedoms of the weekend.

His hand was placed firmly against the steel door leading outside, when a glimpse of bright red caught his attention and turned his head.

Wow. Gorgeous.”


Edward caught his breath, hoping that he had only just thought it to himself, and nimbly swinging through the doorway and out into the afternoon, he pivoted gracefully to hold the door open for the beautiful redhead that followed him out; extending his hand to herald her passing. She paused and turned towards him, her cheeks dimpling.

Thank you.”

Edward caught a small flash of teeth as she looked away, seeing her ride waiting over near the tennis courts.

Sure, no problem. My pleasure. I’m Edward.”

He caught himself staring at her lips and focused intently on drawing his attention up, against the pull of both gravity and hormones.

Thanks Edward, I’m Eedee. See you around.”

Edward felt warmth flush over his face and ears as he watched Eedee walk away. Pale skin and legs to the sky, with a vivid, rich, igneous hair that could only be achieved artificially, Eedee was a curvaceous Latina bombshell who shared Chemistry class with Edward. They had never spoken before. Edward was ecstatic.


Ecstasy – well, ecstasy of an essentially erudite nature, surged through Edward as he crossed the stage for his graduation.

Edward Fell.”


As he walked down the stairs, his freshly minted diploma in hand, Edward caught a crimson glimmer drawing his attention over to the other side of the auditorium: Eedee, in line, and waiting to cross the stage with the rest of his classmates. Thinking of his future, Edward sat down, and waited for the ceremony to finish.

Edward couldn’t wait to get out of there and get on with his life already.


838 Fell St.

Of course.”

What’s that?”

A voce richened with the honey of a more sunlit climate snapped Edward out of his mumbling and back into the entryway of the building in front of him. He waited patiently for the landlady to work the lock, noticing that the paint was chipped around the door. He didn’t care, not one bit. This was his first apartment and it could have been built from cardboard for all that he cared. It was his first real chance for privacy after living with the Sisters for all these years. He followed the woman up the stairs to the unit above, watching her ample, mahogany bottom sway as she climbed up ahead of him.

So the rent here is twelve hundred dollars a month,” she said, stopping briefly to catch her breath at the top of the stair. “You do laundry downstairs; quarters work the machine. Utilities included too, except for the cable and the internets. Does that work for you, papi?” She smiled at Edward and took a small step towards where he was standing near the sink in the tiny kitchen. Edward passed his eyes briefly over the woman’s spherical breasts – suspended quite precariously against the passage of time – gradually moving his eyes to take in each of the four corners of the small studio. “Yeah, I think this will work for me,” he said smiling. “When can I move in?”

Anytime you like, papi,” purred the woman, taking another step towards where Edward stood. Edward turned to look at the woman more closely. Age had been kind enough to her, keeping the wrinkles that no one can avoid forever to the most perfectly strategic portions of her round face. He looked into her big, brown eyes, and smiled again, thinking that if only she had a daughter who was here right now, instead of her, all would be right with the world. A new apartment and a new friend to help him christen it. Alas, the woman before him reminded him more of Sister Betty than of any possible carnal partner. Edward looked away from the woman, and turned, gazing out the small window facing onto the building that was set next door. He heard a thump, like the sound of a sand bag hitting the floor, and looking over, saw that the woman was no longer standing.

Edward watched with growing horror as she began to thrash back and forth in front of him on the ground. “Not again,” he thought. “God no, please, not again.”

Panicked, Edward reached into his pocket and drew out his cell phone, quickly keying in the numbers for 911. A dispatcher picked up.

911. What is your emergency?”


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